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 StarCraft: Imperium

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Chris Kroznuski

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PostSubject: StarCraft: Imperium   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:12 pm

StarCraft Imperium was one of my oldest projects, which I am "bringing out of cryo-stasis," if you will. The story is set in the far future of the StarCraft Universe, therefore the events of the original games do not matter in this story. StarCraft Imperium revolves around this group known as the Imperium Of Core Worlds, with their capital being somewhere near the center of the galaxy. The capital world is attacked, ending with the president of the Imperium killed, and the rest of the Imperium's forces scattered and broken.

The story takes a twist when it is revealed that a human traitor is working with the aliens who destroyed the planet, a powerful psychic race known as the protoss. These aliens are in fact being led by a corrupted, power-hungry leader who is searching for old artifacts to help him achieve the form of a powerful protoss archon, the most powerful form of any protoss warrior. It comes down to a man who is codenamed "Freedom" (All names are not final) to gather the Imperium before it collapses into civil war, and to stop this madman once and for all.

Now, I need some voice actors in this project, Chris C has already stated he would play some parts in this, so I have cast him accordingly. I will update this list later today.

Major Human Roles:
"Freedom" -
Captain Russel Sterling ("Freedom's" second in command) - Chris Cameron
Dann Locke (The human traitor) - Chris Cameron

Minor Human Roles:
Terran Pilot 1 -
Terran Engineer -
SCV Pilot -

Major Protoss Roles
Eraz'Kataa (The Corrupt Protoss Leader) -

Minor Protoss Roles
Ancient Defenses -
Dark Templar -
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StarCraft: Imperium
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