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 The Inevitable Fate

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PostSubject: The Inevitable Fate   The Inevitable Fate EmptySat Jun 19, 2010 12:41 am

So after much consideration and talking and thinking and pondering and stressing and planning over the course of the last week, Chris K and myself have come to the inevitable conclusion that ELZ is beyond our reach with the given time constraints that we have and other minor things. So like 99.9% of all non-official, amateur films, it's dead. Well, shelved to be more exact. ELZ is going into cold storage and maybe someday, with enough time, luck and backbreaking work, it will be able to be pulled out of cryo and made somehow. So thank you to all who supported the project and we are quite sorry we wasted your time. The first episode of Chronicles will still be made because it's got a fair bit of work done and is only 10 min long, so at least we have that to look forward to.

Now even though ELZ has been shelved, Chris K and myself are quickly developing a new concept that we discussed this evening actually. It is much much smaller in scale compared to ELZ and is something that should be do-able in the next two months. So look for new info involving our new project currently named "Trinity".

The Inevitable Fate Elzsig13
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The Inevitable Fate
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