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 Colony Wars (PSX)

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Chris Kroznuski

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PostSubject: Colony Wars (PSX)   Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:56 am

One of the best video games I have ever played for the original Playstation is Colony Wars. It's basically a shoot-'em-up video game that takes place in the 5th millenium, and deals with a pilot of the League of Free Worlds fighting the oppressive Tzar and his corrupted Colonial Navy. The pilot you play as is unnamed and has a voice similar to that of James Earl Jones.

The story has an interesting twist. Every mission that you win or lose will determine your next mission, and eventually the fate of the war for both sides. For example, if you win mission 4, you move on to mission 5A, however if you lose, you will go to mission 5B. Winning either mission will put you in mission 6. If you win mission 6, you are transferred to a new system and awarded with a CG-Animated cutscene. However if you lose, it's game over.

There are six types of fighters for both sides, consisting of scouts, interceptors, strike fighters, heavy support fighters, bombers, and specialized fighters. And you will be fighting a LOT of them. But what good is a space sim without capital ships? Yes, there's a wide variety of those as well. Frigates, cruisers, destroyers, dreadnaughts, command ships, strike cannon assault craft, carriers, titans, and the ultimate badass: the Super Titan. Enemy ships are always a little bit stronger than allies, so beware.

The game's voice acting, streamlined gameplay, incredible length of 62 missions, CG-Animated cutscenes, and gripping story have me giving this game a 10/10, and therefore declaring it a PSX Classic.
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Colony Wars (PSX)
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