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 Earth Link Periodical - February Edition

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PostSubject: Earth Link Periodical - February Edition   Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:22 pm

This is a new feature I'm starting up, this is sort of a newsletter like idea that will help give public a better insight into the universe of Earth-Link Zero. These periodicals will be made by Toa and myself most likely, and these will give you stiff from technical details, to concept designs and background info, stuff that the public hasn't seen yet.

This month we will be focusing on the Visper drive, the FTL form for the Earth Empire Navy. Visper drive can be related to a train, where the wheels grab onto the tracks and then pull the train forward. Each Visper capable ship has a set of tracks unique to the size, porportions and energy systems of the vessel. Older forms of Visper tracks such as those found on the Leviathan (A Defender class frigate seen in Episode 1) are larger and bulkier, and cause the ship to be slower. The smaller and thinner the Visper track, the faster the ship is.

Visper tracks work by seeking out Visper energy, threads found through space, general energy. All objects are currently surrounded in Visper energy, but unless the ability to seek them out is present, Visper energy is useless and undetectable. The Visper track once finding a Visper thread or strand, uses a push/pull system. The Visper tracksin the front of the ship will seek out the Visper and collect it in the Visper pod. This is the pull system. The front track then redirects the Visper thread to the back Visper Pods, where the energy then is released into space, giving the ship added thrust and completing the motion of Visper.

Part 2 Coming Soon


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Earth Link Periodical - February Edition
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