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 Earth-Link Store

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PostSubject: Earth-Link Store   Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:23 am

So, if you haven't noticed yet, we have a small store, and by small, I mean one, over-priced T-Shirt Smile

As more content is designed, more models built etc, I will be making up more Earth Link T-Shirt designs and will hopefully not make the prices so ridiculously high that no one can buy them! An explanation on the prices is that the product starts at a base price which Cafepress keeps all of, then I add a mark-up price, which will be our profit. In the instance of the black Tee, the mark-up is $3.00 (so we'd make 3 dollars off of that 31 dollar T-Shirt)

Anyways, the goal for the profits is to be able to find people who can help on the project, and that we can actually pay them, giving us better quality work and more people to work on the project other then the few that do now.

The latest items of the store will be viewable on all the pages of the forum, in the widgets box. The url of the actual store should you wish to see all the products is:

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Earth-Link Store
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